During the Corona pandemi special prices apply. Block tickets are not valid. Expiration date for the block tickets have been extended.

Normal slot prices

Slotprice is set in three levels based on expected demand. During spring and autumn it is usually SEK 160 on Fridays, SEK 210 on Saturdays and SEK 185 on Sundays. During high season (v.26 – 32) and when jumping on other fields than Vårgårda usually SEK 210 per jump applies. Exceptions occur. Current price is shown in the jump calendar.

Block tickets give a discount for those who jump much. If you buy at least at least 80 jumps at the same time, the slotprice will be SEK 185. On days with lower price the difference will be refunded. Block tickets are valid for 30 months, are not repurchased and cannot be transferred to other jumpers.

For Angle Week, special prices apply.

Deposits to the jumpaccount and purchase of block tickets are made in the manifest.
Keep track of your balance and your remaining block tickets in the BurbleMe app.
If you need a receipt for the execution of your account, ask the manifest to print an Account Statement for the appropriate time period and sign the printout.

Gear rental

Gear rental Price Comment
Rig SEK 100 /jump Pack job not included.

Terms and conditions

  • When renting a rig you’re responsible for returning the rig packed. That includes paying for the pack job of the reserve if it has been deployed.
  • Any damage to the equipment is paid by the person renting the rig.